Overview of Planning Process

The following steps have been or will be taken in the facilities planning process:

1. The first phase was to identify the current state of facilities, based on original design and intent. It was undertaken to identify facility needs throughout the district and to avert appropriation of limited resources for perceived needs, rather than through a well thought-out and approved long-term plan. This phase was concluded when the Strategic Facilities Plan, prepared by IFF, was presented to the Board of Education in August 2011.

2. Identification of probable changes in enrollment over the near and long-term based on adopted land use plans as of the date of the analysis. This phase was necessary to assist in planning overall capacity needs. This step was completed by Eppstein Uhen Architects and reported in May, 2011, Land Use Analysis and Enrollment Projection.

3. An in-depth review and analysis of the information presented in the above reports and creation of an Updated Strategic Facilities Plan. The district engaged the services of IFF who concluded the update in September, 2012.

4. Establishing the basis for focusing and narrowing the findings for the purpose of defining the scope for a long-range plan. The Board reviewed the Short and Long-term Facilities Report – Preliminary Discussion Document in October, 2012. The Board approved concept assumptions on November 12, 2012, which are the basis for a determining the projects to be considered within the overall plan. These included:

  •The district will continue to operate with its current elementary (grades K-6) and middle/high school (grades 7-12) model, and will continue to have two middle/high schools.
  •There is no anticipated change in programming; the district will maintain two comprehensive middle/high schools.
  •The administration shall not present a facility plan without presenting a funding plan.
  •Renovations will be planned and staggered, when practical and possible, to not activate code changes.

5. The Board reviewed a draft list of potential projects and options to address facility needs. Public meetings were held to inform and gather feedback from the public. Feedback was also collected on the website.

6. A draft Long-Range Facilities Plan was presented to the Board on July 22, 2013. The Plan includes information on projects to be completed by summer 2013 and proposed projects and funding sources for 2013-14 and beyond. The Board approved:

  • All projects listed in the Plan for current and future operating budgets, provided there is an annual review process, and revisions can be made if necessary.
  • All projects listed to be funded with fund balance (with more information to be provided to the Board on specific projects as requested) 
  • Some projects listed to be funded with the energy efficiency revenue limit exemption. (Projects not approved are listed below).

The Board will continue to discuss how additional projects could be funded, including:

  • Air conditioning at Orchard Lane and Poplar Creek
  • Additional general updates, aquatic center and physical education/athletic space at Eisenhower
  • Outdoor fields for both secondary schools

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