Develop the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that connect our actions and choices to local and global environmental impacts.


Inspire environmental stewardship within our students and staff and embed these values into curriculum using sustainable initiatives.


Focus for the 2015-2016 school year:

Reducing waste/improving recycling efforts; establishing school based green teams with students

  • Textile/ clothing recycling drives - in fall and spring
  • Composting programs - piloted at Eisenhower and expanding to Elmwood, Orchard Lane and Poplar Creek Elementary Schools
  • School Forest designation and use - at Eisenhower
  • Nature Club - at Ronald Reagan
  • Lettuce growing project - at Eisenhower


Eisenhower: Emily Dethloff/ Kristine Weiss

West: Betsy Weins/ Dan Naus

Elmwood: Jim Slonac

Orchard Lane: Erika Mayer/ Amy Fare

Poplar Creek: Lee Bernfeld/ Rebecca Landess

Ronald Reagan: Amy Murray

District Office: Cindy Jensen, Andy Stefancin, Joan Paque, Joe Garza, Roger Bortman, Kelly Kwiatkowski

School District of New Berlin