School District of New Berlin library media specialists developed the research guides and templates listed below.  These resources are designed to guide students through the research process as identified in the Wisconsin Model Academic Standards for Information & Technology Literacy.

Content Standard - Students in Wisconsin will access, evaluate, and apply information efficiently and effectively from a variety of sources in print, nonprint, and electronic formats to meet personal and academic needs.

Performance Standards (Steps in Research Process)

  • Define the need for information
  • Develop information seeking strategies
  • Locate and access information sources
  • Evaluate and select information from a variety of print, nonprint, and electronic formats
  • Record and organize information
  • Interpret and use information to solve the problem or answer the question
  • Communicate the results of research and inquiry in an appropriate format
  • Evaluate the information product and process

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the research templates.

Steps in the Research Process

Visual - Steps in the Research Process (PDF)

Grades 1-3

Original Version of Research Template (PDF)

Grades 4-6

Research Guide (PDF)
Original Version of Research Template (PDF)
Research Template with Combined Checklist (PDF)
Research Template with Separate Rubrics (PDF)

Grades 7-12

Research Guide (PDF)
Guide to Planning Your Research (PDF)
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