Michael Fesenmaier

Phone: (262) 789-6418

Welcome to New Berlin West.  I am proud to be serving the school district and West community as the principal as I begin my 12th year in the School District of New Berlin.  I began my tenure at West in the 2015-2016 school year after serving the district in prior years in both principal and district office positions.  

Our vision for our students is that all of them will graduate “College and Career Ready”, meaning they will:  

  • Understand how their unique strengths and interests align to a wide variety of future opportunities.

  • Prepare and maintain a personal plan for goal attainment that provides flexibility based on individual experiences.

  • Develop a general understanding of how the problem-solving process has been applied to innovate, invent, design, and build products and systems in a variety of environments/industries.

  • Effectively be able to navigate both the world of higher education and employment to support a transition to adulthood.

  • Possess confidence in their level of mastery of the following in relation to their personal and career goals

Our goal at New Berlin West is to provide an educational experience for students that allows them to grow in their skills, explore areas of interest, and be supported as they continue to reach beyond their level of comfort to develop in the areas of knowledge, disposition and other areas to be successful within and beyond their years of experience within our schools.  

We cultivate this goal for our students through our work and continue to promote a culture that encourages students to individualize their learning experiences to fit their needs and future goals.  As they do this and develop in the areas of self concept, self management, growth mindset, and organizational/social behavior they will have gained the skill set necessary for the transition to life beyond high school.  

The philosophy that I bring to my work and experiences with others is that of continuous improvement.  Please know that while we are proud of the successes of our school and celebrate our achievements, we are continually seeking ways to be better and more effective in our work for our students and families.  It is with this belief, along with the understanding that we must engage, guide, and encourage our students to work at a high level, that will support them to achieve continually unprecedented levels of success.  More importantly, it will provide opportunities for them to choose their path beyond our school system.  

My background includes 6+ years as a high school educator along with 18 years of experience as a secondary school and district office administrator.  I enjoy the work with staff, parents and students in our community as we work collectively to achieve our goals for students.  

We are excited about the upcoming school year and possibilities for our students and community.  Please work together with us to support and promote our goals for students.  Please contact us with questions and to seek assistance as needed for your child(ren).

I appreciate the opportunity to work with you and to be part of the New Berlin West Community.  Go Vikings!


Michael D. Fesenmaier