Katherine Williams

Phone: (262) 789-6580

Let me begin by telling you how humbled and honored I am to be the Principal at Elmwood Elementary! The 2016-2017 school year will be amazing due to our hardworking students, dedicated families, and Elmwood’s phenomenal teachers and support staff. In this new year, we will focus on relationship-building as a primary factor in achieving student success. Additionally, here at Elmwood, we strongly believe each and every student is a leader! Therefore, we are focusing on developing leadership skills in our students, as well as within our school and community. My email signature reflects a quote by Kouzes and Posner that exemplifies my belief:  “Leadership is everyone's business. It's an attitude and a sense of responsibility for making a difference."

I am passionate about leading and learning! Building from my experience as the Principal and Associate Principal at Poplar Creek from 2013-2016, I have come to know the families, students, teachers, and our community. My additional experiences as a Gifted and Talented District Coordinator, sixth grade teacher in New Berlin, Teacher Consultant for the Milwaukee Writing Project through Carroll University, English instructor in Sendai, Japan, and international trainer for the Crisis Prevention Institute, have given me the background to be of service to the Elmwood family. There are many other learnings that have grounded my philosophy of education and leadership, however, the skills of the Elmwood staff, the dedication of Elmwood families, and the success of our students is what I find truly exciting. 

Steven and I were married in March and I am fortunate to be a mother of three children. Colin is a busy fourth grader who loves Pokemon Go. Amaya is an energetic five-year-old ready to start kindergarten - time flies! Tavia will be starting third grade this year and loves doing art projects. When I am not at Elmwood, I enjoy running with my husband, reading leadership books for my doctoral program, and spending time at the pool with my children.

Please feel free to contact me with comments, suggestions, or questions. By working in partnership with families, I am confident we will expect and achieve excellence!

Mrs. Katherine Williams

Elmwood Elementary School