Screenings for 3-5 Year Old Children

To build foundational skills and support readiness for school, the School District of New Berlin 

holds “Ready, Set, Go!” developmental screenings for all of our early learners ages 3-5 years old. 

Screenings  are limited to residents of the District of New Berlin and non-resident families 

attending 4K at Heritage Christian School, Holy Apostles School or Star of Bethlehem School.

You will need to provide residency information prior to the screening.

During this 60-minute screening we will observe the children’s skills in the areas of speech / language,
motor, self-help, early learning and social development. The goal of the screening is to offer parents
feedback regarding their child’s development and helpful information to get their child ready for school.
If your child will be entering Kindergarten in September 2017 or 2018, please start the online registration
Once you have registered your child, you can schedule your child's Ready, Set, Go! screening. 
Contact Michele Hitt at 262.789.6242 for a screening date. 
This screening is not mandatory; however, it is recommended.
(PLEASE bring Proof of Residency to the screening)

Proof of residency is required. Acceptable forms of documentation are listed below.  

Please note: a driver's license will not be accepted as proof of residency. 

Two documents are needed to prove residency in the district.  At least one

document must be from column A, and the second document may be from column A or B. 

Documents from column B must have been mailed to the resident address in the School

District of New Berlin within 30 days of the student's screening.  Note that the documents

must include the address of the residence within the district.  In extenuating circumstances,

administration will review other documentation and determine eligibility.

Column A
(including resident address)

Column B
(including resident address)

  • A signed current resident lease
    • Must include name of apartment complex and landlord’s name, address and phone
    • Parents claiming residence at any rental property must provide a signed lease that lists them as occupants
  • An accepted offer to purchase with no unresolved contingencies
  • A closing statement for purchasing a home
  • Current property tax statement (for residential dwelling only; not undeveloped lot)
  • Current month’s utility bill (excluding cellular phone; WE Energies or cable/Internet bill preferred)
  • Current homeowner's/renter's insurance statement
  • Auto or health insurance statement
  • Driver’s license renewal notice
  • License plate renewal notice
  • Food Share/Quest benefits
  • Medicaid/BadgerCare benefit statement
  • W-2, SSI or other state or federal benefit statement



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