Welcome to the School District of New Berlin's Kindergarten Preparatory Academy Program

The purpose of the Kindergarten Preparatory Academy (K Prep Academy) is to prepare students academically and socially for kindergarten. Students will work under the direction of a certified classroom teacher. The academic portion of the day will last about two hours and fifteen minutes. Participating students will be placed in either a morning or afternoon K Prep Academy Class. 

The School District of New Berlin will provide bus transportation to children participating in the program; however, the district will not be providing middle of the day bus transportation. The Wrap Around program allows parents a cost effective educational childcare option, so that students can participate in the program and their transportation needs can be met.


The School District of New Berlin conducts kindergarten Ready, Set, Go! screenings of children who are registered to attend kindergarten. Students who meet the eligibility criteria will be invited to participate in the K Prep Academy. Families will then complete the K Prep Academy registration form and send it to this address:

Kindergarten Preparatory Academy
ATTN: Michele Hitt
4333 S. Sunnyslope Road
New Berlin, WI 53151


Location and Calendar

The K Prep Academy program is held at Elmwood Elementary School located at 5900 S. Sunnyslope Rd, New Berlin.

Morning session runs from 9 a.m. to 11:15 a.m.

Afternoon session runs from 12:45 p.m. to 3 p.m.

An Wrap Around Program and bus transportation are available; however there are no mid-day bussing options.

Before and After School Care also is available through Wisconsin Youth Company. Please see details below.

The K Prep Academy and the Wrap Around Program will run according to the School District of New Berlin calendar. If there is no school there will be no programming. K Prep Academy and the Wrap Around Program will last the duration of the school year. Summer options may be available. These options will be communicated in second semester.

In the event of our school district closing due to inclement weather, parents will be notified with a phone call and email. Information will also be posted on the district website.



There are three transportation options for the K Prep Academy Program.

  1. Parents may drop off (8:45) and pick up (3:05) their child directly at Elmwood Elementary School.
  2. Parents may drop their child off at their home school (Poplar Creek, Ronald Reagan or Orchard Lane) starting at 8:15 and students will take a bus from that school to Elmwood. In the afternoon students will take a bus back to their home school and parents can pick their child up there at 3:35.
  3. Students will be picked up at their neighborhood bus stop by a school bus (pick up and drop off times will be set by the bus company). All Kindergarten Readiness students will be assigned a 5th or 6th grade bus helper to aid in getting them to where they need to be. Once they arrive at their home school, they will take the bus to Elmwood and ride the bus back to their home school at the end of the day, to ride their bus home.

There will be no mid-day busing options available.


Wrap Around Program

Families will be offered the opportunity to enroll their child in onsite childcare available at Elmwood Elementary from 8:45 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Educational Activities

Students will continue their learning during the Wrap Around through play-based learning activities. There will be collaboration between the Wrap Around teacher and K Prep Academy teacher so that the activities will complement the learning in the classroom. Please note that if students do not participate in Wrap Around Program they will not miss any of the K Prep Academy curriculum.


Cost of the Wrap Around Program

The cost to participate in the program will be $75 per child per week. Families filling out the paperwork and qualifying for the Free and Reduced Lunch program will be offered free and reduced prices for the Wrap Around Program. If students are absent, the weekly charge will remain $75. If there is no school, the fee will be prorated (for example, on weeks in which there is no school on a Friday the weekly charge will be $60).

All students enrolled in K Prep Academy will have an Infinite Campus account. Their Infinite Campus account will be billed for Wrap Around Programming on a weekly basis. Parents may choose to pay on a weekly or monthly basis.


Lunch for Wrap Around Program

Children staying the whole day (K Prep Academy Programming and Wrap Around Program) will eat lunch in the Elmwood cafeteria. They will have two lunch options available to them:

  1. Parents can pack a lunch for their child to eat while at school. Milk will be available for purchase (35 cents).
  2. Parents can choose to purchase regular school lunch.
Lunch prepared by the District's Food Service costs $2.50 per day. There are three options; regular school lunch, "Step It Up" lunch, or Yogurt Parfait.  All lunches include a milk option and fresh fruit and vegetables.

Families may be eligible to apply for Free and Reduced Lunch pricing. Please read the information and if you believe your family qualifies please fill out the application and return it to school.    

For more information on our School Food and Nutrition Services, please visit http://www.nbexcellence.org/district/lunch.cfm.


Recess and Rest for Wrap Around Program

All children participating for the whole day will have opportunities for both recess time and rest time.

Students will have one scheduled recess each day right after their lunch. The teacher may schedule additional recesses depending on weather and daily activities.

Students will be given a minimum of 30 minutes for rest time each day.  This time will take place in the classroom.


Before and After School Care

K Prep Academy and the Wrap Around Program will run the duration of the elementary school day. Families needing before or after school care will need to make their own accommodations. Each Home School does host a before and after school program, which is an option for families needing care past the Wrap Around Program hours. This program is run by Wisconsin Youth Company, a non-profit organization. 

Wisconsin Youth Company offers school-age children early morning supervision from 7 a.m. to 8:35 a.m. and after school supervision from 3:35 p.m. until 6 p.m. Monday through Friday at all four SDNB elementary schools.

This means that parents who register for Wisconsin Youth Company's Before and After School Care could drop off their child as early as 7 a.m. at their home school. The child could ride the morning bus to Elmwood to participate in the K Prep Academy and Wrap Around programs. That child could ride the bus back to their home school at the end of the school day (or stay at Elmwood) and be picked up by parents as late as 6 p.m. instead of 3:35 p.m.


School District of New Berlin