Eisenhower Scored an 89.5 on the School Report Card

A District and School Accountability Report Cards for the School District of New Berlin were released Nov. 17, 2016, by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). The District and each school received its own report card that evaluated its performance based on multiple measures.

We are proud of the scores and ratings received by our school and district:

  • New Berlin Eisenhower received a score of 89.5, which "significantly exceeds expectations" and was a 9-point increase from the previous report card.
  • The District received a score of 85.5, which "significantly exceeds expectations".
  • All School District of New Berlin schools “significantly exceed” or “exceed” expectations.

This is the third year for District Report Cards and the fourth for School Report Cards (though none were issued in 2015). Both are intended to offer accountability of how well schools and districts statewide are preparing students to graduate college and career ready.

Report cards provide an accountability index score from 0-100 based on performance in four priority areas:

  • Student achievement in English Language Arts and mathematics on state assessments;

  • Student growth, how rapidly students are gaining knowledge and skills from year to year, focusing on the pace of improvement in students’ performance;

  • Closing gaps in performance between specific student groups (comparing English language learners, low-income students, students with disabilities and members of racial or ethnic groups with their peers);

  • On-track and postsecondary readiness, or how successfully students are achieving educational milestones that predict later success.

The priority area scores are then aggregated into an overall accountability score, from 0 to 100. This score is displayed in the top left corner of the School or District Report Cards. It is important to note that the 0 to 100 accountability score is not a “percent correct” measurement. The score is primarily based on our performance last year, the 2015-16 school year, across the four priority areas.

Schools and districts are also evaluated on their level of student engagement – test participation rates, chronic absenteeism rates, and dropout rates when applicable. Based on its score, a school or district receives one of five rating categories, from Fails to Meet Expectations to Significantly Exceeds Expectations, as well as one to five stars.

Since the last report cards were issued in 2014, the state changed the formulas that determine the report card scores. Additionally, students from previous years were taking different standardized tests as the students reflected in the 2016 score did. Those two factors make a comparison to previous scores challenging. Nevertheless, the district score and all six school scores have increased significantly.

All schools scored extremely well in the areas of student achievement, student growth and on-track/postsecondary readiness and will continue to build on those successes while also focusing on improving its score in closing gaps.

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