Cafe 212 Monthly Luncheons

Each month our students turn their learning environment into a restaurant.  They invite school staff and community members to eat lunch in their classroom.

Luncheons provide an opportunity for students to learn valuable daily living skills and job skills development as well as reinforce reading and math.  Students are involved in all steps of the luncheon; planning, preparation, set/up, application and clean-up.  Students make decisions about the menu, create grocery lists, check prices, shop for the food, read recipes, prepare food, determine theme and uniform, create decorations such as placemats and centerpieces. On the day of the luncheon students each student is assigned a job.  These jobs include cashier, taking beverage orders, taking dessert orders, bussing tables, loading the dishwasher and finally cleaning up the room after the last lunch hour. 

After each luncheon one student is recognized as the "Employee of the Month" for doing an outstanding job during the luncheon.

Cafe 212
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Eisenhower Middle / High School