The English offerings begin with a broader scope and move further to a directed focus as students move through the curriculum. There is an emphasis on reading, grammar, and writing with great effort to provide student experiences in all of the literary genres. The curricular area culminates at the highest end with courses in Advanced Placement Literature and Composition and Advanced Placement in Language and Composition. Included is a required speech class in the sophomore year.

Eisenhower’s English language curriculum was rewritten in the 2004-2005 school year to better align with the state standards. The current curriculum includes ninth and tenth-grade English classes that focus heavily on writing and reading skills as well as grammar and research skills. The units at these levels include: media, nonfiction, novel, composition, drama, poetry, short stories, and research paper. Students are also required to take a semester of Speech in addition to the full two years of English, where they can develop speaking and listening skills. The goal at this level is to have every student learn to organize effectively and develop strong analytical reading and writing skills. Junior year is comprised of American literature. The focus in American literature is for students to begin to synthesize information and notice patterns in reading and writing. Finally, the senior year is one semester of composition and one semester of literature. In this year, the expectation is that students will focus on style and refine their skills. The department has four district assessments in each year to trace student development. These assessments help to focus student learning and provide opportunities to enrich student learning for over and underachievers. The English curriculum offers students honors courses at each level as well as AP Language and Composition in the junior year and AP Literature and Language in the senior year.

Eisenhower Middle / High School