The Problem Solving Team at New Berlin Eisenhower is in place to support students who are struggling academically.


To report a student for possible interventions, assessment, or with any teacher identified area of need, i.e. you have student concerns and think the PST should investigate:

1.  Instructors please complete the PST referral form located in Infinite Campus.

Members of the PST:

Cory Whitsell,  Principal
Matt Buckley, Associate Principal (A-L)
Jennifer Austino, Associate Principal (K-Z)
Andrea Hauser, Psychologist
Emily Mees, Counselor
Kathy Lohse, Counselor
Jesse Annoye, Counselor
Kris Peterson, Literacy Specialist
Michele Federle, Guided Study Teacher
Linda Welleritter, Special Education Teacher
Jeff Simon, Math Specialist

Interventions available:NHS Tutor Request  NHS students are available to tutor students in all subject areas during their study halls, before school or after school in all subject areas.

Eisenhower Middle / High School