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The school is open to students at 8:20 and our day begins at 8:35. The school day ends at 3:25. Notify the school office as early as possible if your child will not be in school on any given day: 262-789-6581. When you do drop off your child after 8:35 or pick her/him up before 3:25, you will need to sign her/him out in the school office.

Please note the district policy regarding absences. 

In general, please 
let us know in writing (e-mail is fine) at least a week before any known or lengthy absence such as a vacation. Please try to schedule appointments and other absences outside of school hours whenever possible.  If you are sending an e-mail to your child's teacher about an absence, please also include our school secretary.

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Children always enjoy celebrating their birthdays with classmates, and we do too!  You may send a treat for the class, if you wish, on your child's special day.  July and August birthdays will be celebrated as "half-birthdays" in January and February. June birthdays will be celebrated near the end of the school year.  If you choose to send treats for the class, please ask your child's teacher about known food allergies. Also, you should know that there are:

               Mrs. Karolek's Class:                                      21 students & 1 teacher

Mrs. Oswald's Class:                                      22 students & 1 teacher

                 Mrs. Rado's class:                                         20 students & 2 teachers

Mrs. Stempniewski's class:                              20 students & 2 teachers


To avoid hurt feelings, we ask that unless you are inviting all the students (or all boys or all girls) to a party for your child, PLEASE do not pass out invitations or thank you notes at school.  Thank you for your understanding.  Also, if you or your child do distribute anything at school, it is VERY helpful to have the recipient's name on the note/card (in case it gets dropped).

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Book Clubs

Periodically your children will have an opportunity to order books from various book clubs.  We find these an inexpensive and easy way to provide a variety of literature. Ordering is, of course, optional.  If you do decide to order, please send a check made out to the book company (SCHOLASTIC BOOKS in most cases) and order form, including your child's name, to your child's teacher in a clearly marked envelope. Your child's teacher will let you know if online ordering is an option.

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Mondays through Fridays your child will bring home a Home Folder with class work and occasional notes from the teachers. Please be sure to ask your child if there's anything important in the Home Folder for you to see each night. Please return the Home Folders daily. 

Please note that district-wide "Friday Folder" flyers and announcements are only available online.  This includes NBAA information and sign-up sheets.  You may use this link to access them:


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Homework Policy

In 2nd Grade we enjoy presentations from each student. In September each student presents “Me in a Bag” to introduce themselves to their classmates and teacher. Throughout the school year, students give “Book Talks”. We will provide more information and directions for these presentations as they are assigned.  The due dates for individual students will be communicated as the projects are assigned.  TheScoring Rubrics (scoring guides) for the presentations are on the website for your reference.

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2nd Graders will have lunch from 11:30 - 12 noon in the Monet Cafe. Outdoor recess will be from 11:00 - 11:25.  

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Daily Snack 

We have a PEANUT-FREE and TREE NUT-FREE environment in all areas of our school, except the Monet Cafe (cafeteria).  Please do not allow your child to bring any food products that may contain nuts (of any type) to school, unless it is specifically for her/his lunch.  This policy is enforced for the health and safety of all of our students. 
 You may contact the district nurse (Pam Jesse) with any questions you may have regarding this policy. Thank you for your understanding.

Students will have time each day for a "working" snack. If s/he would like one, each child should bring her/his own snack. This snack may be a healthy food that your child enjoys. Fruits, vegetables, pretzels, cheese, crackers, cereal, yogurt, pudding, and applesauce are some examples. If your child brings something that requires a spoon, please send one along. If your child brings salty chips (Fritos, Cheetos, etc.) or dessert (cookies, candy, etc.), we will ask her/him to have it with lunch rather than in the classroom.

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When you send payments to school with your child for any reason, please put it in an envelope clearly marked with the teacher's name, the child's name, and the purpose. Please use only checks for payments to school, such as lunch money, field trips, or for book orders.  Any cash for Home & School expenses, such as Cart Mart or Book Fair, should be in clearly marked envelopes as well.

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Volunteers are always welcome in our classrooms!  Let us know if you can come in to help. We appreciate parents and grandparents interested in helping students in the classroom. Also, we would welcome parents who can assist students with computer use. It is also helpful to have parent volunteers for clerical help (copying, cutting, stapling, etc.), and displaying student work. Each classroom would also appreciate a parent volunteer to lead Junior Achievement lessons. Please let us know if you have time or a talent you wish to share!

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