Welcome to 4th Grade!
We are very excited to welcome you to the 4th grade at Orchard Lane School. This is going to be a great year!

In general, 4th grade is really all about organization and order. The students will be learning about how their world ~ its plants, animals, rocks and minerals, magnets and electricity, etc. ~ are categorized and organized. In addition, they will discover how they themselves fit in to the scheme of humans, especially in relation to their arrival in Wisconsin, from prehistoric man, to the first explorers, and finally to their own family.

The students will also learn about how numbers, letters, and ideas are organized through reading, writing, and math. Equally important is that the students will be working to discover how best to organize their time and work as they make the jump to middle elementary school. This is a big step for many children, but necessary for them as we help them discover how to become responsible learners. Fourth grade is a wonderful community, and we look forward to a fantastic year.
Orchard Lane Elementary School