Extra! Extra! Newspaper Club!

Who: 3rd grade students

What: Newspaper Club

When: Thursdays from 3:45-4:30

Meeting Dates: First Semester Issue: Nov 10, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 8, Dec 15 Second Semester Issue: Feb 23, Mar 2, Mar 9, Mar 16, Mar 23

Where: Orchard Lane, Room 4

Why: To create a student produced online newspaper, available on the Orchard Lane website

How: Join Mrs. Mayer in creating The Star Gazette. Put on your reporter hat and come write the scoop on the big stories happening at Orchard Lane.

In Newspaper Club you will: - Pick and plan a beat (a topic to write for) - Learn how to research, write, and edit an article - Publish an news article on the computer - Work with other reporters to arrange the final copy.

Only the first 12 reporters will be accepted! Sign up is due back Thursday, Nov. 3.



Name: ______________________ Teacher: _________________

Yes! I want to be a reporter. Yes! It is my responsibility to come to Newspaper Club after school on those Thursdays, and it is not anyone else’s job to remind me. Yes! I will be at every meeting, knowing that if I miss one my story may not be published in that issue. Yes! I will bring a notebook, pencil, red pen, and computer password to meetings. I agree,

Reporter Signature: _____________________________________


Yes, my child can stay and they will be picked up at 4:30 on all dates listed.

Parent Signature: _______________________________________

After School Emergency Contact Number: ______________________

Orchard Lane Elementary School