Start Time:  8:35am  -  Dismissal Time 3:35pm

All students are expected to be in their classroom by 8:35am or they will be counted tardy. 

Children are expected to go home after school unless they are participating in a special activity or are under a teacher's supervision.  We ask that you communicate with your child and send a note to your child's teacher if it is necessary for you child to go somewhere other than home after school.  In the event of early dismissal due to weather conditions, please talk with your child about emergency procedures and where he/she should go if you are not home.  The playground is not supervised before and after school.




Entry doors open at 8:15am and students should be dropped off by 8:30am.

  • Parents must use the west driveway and make the circle to the lower entry area.  The is the same procedure for drop off and pick up
  • Do not use the front school entrance for drop off.
  • Parents must remain in a SINGLE traffic line at all times.  Do not create a second line inside the circle of cars.
  • Students must remain in the car until a staff member meets the car in the area.
  • Do not stop in the parking area to drop off a student and have them walk through the traffic area to the entry doors.

Student must be picked up by 3:35pm.



All visitors must sign in at the front office.  Visitors are required to wear a nametag.


Pictures will be taken in early fall. 


Poplar Creek's colors are royal blue and yellow.  Every Friday is Spirit Day and students are encouraged to wear royal blue and yellow.


"Safety First" guides all play.  If a supervisor deems a situation to be unsafe, then it is.

  • Students must use slides feet first.
  • Students will not be allowed to climb over the fence to retrieve a ball
  • Games involving chasing are not allowed.
  • All ball games must be played in a north/south direction in the area farthest away from the building.
  • Children will not be allowed to "build forts" or play with sticks and tree branches.

In cold weather it is important to note that our children will continue to have outdoor recess unless the wind chill temperature is zero.  With this in mind, child should have the appropriate mittens/gloves and hats.  Marking hats, boots, gloves and coats with the child's name is an important way to sort out lost of missing items.  When snow arrives, boots and snow pants are needed.  Students should remember to bring their shoes to wear indoors so that they don't have to wear their boots all day.


On days the weather does not allow students to go outside, the students will have recess in their classrooms.  The outside supervisors will monitor the classroom on a rotating basis.  Students need to cooperate with the indoor supervisors and need to make responsible choices.

Indoor recess rules

  • All classrooms have class rules the students are expected to follow
  • Children are asked to play in small groups
  • Running and/or brisk walking will not be permitted during indoor recess
  • Students are asked to play small group games, complete homework, and/or other types of seat work
  • Students will remain in their rooms unless permission is given by indoor supervisors to leave their area
  • Students will use common sense.  Any type of behavior that would be considered unsafe or unpleasant for another child is prohibited.


The classroom teacher must approve a visit by a pet.  A parent must provide assurance that the animal has received its immunizations and poses no threat to others.  Approval is contingent upon whether all children are free of allergies.



Students may use the phone with a teacher's permission, but it must only be used for vital contacts.  We have found many students use the phone for items they could have handled themselves.  Also, parents cannot expect their child to come to the office to receive a phone call.  Prior planning will eliminate the use of the phone.

Poplar Creek Elementary School