Ronald Reagan Elementary

Playground & Supervision Guidelines


Student Guidelines - Playground

1.   Follow directions given by adult supervisors.

2.   Respect the activities of other students.

3.   Safely use and share the playground equipment.

4.   Stay within playground boundaries.  Students may not reenter the building
 during the entire recess time.

5.   Practice safe behavior. 

 a.    Walk in the woodchips.

 b.    Throwing of snowballs, snow, rocks, etc. is not permitted.

 c.     “Play fighting”, wrestling, tackling or any form of fighting
   is not acceptable behavior.

6.   Share playground concerns with the supervisor on duty.

7.   Food and drinks are not allowed on the playground.

8.   At the sound of the bell, line up and wait quietly to enter/exit the building.

9.   Move through the halls quietly.

10. Dress appropriately for outside recess weather. Students not wearing boots,
  will not be allowed in the snow.


Please also review the following general rules:

1.  No electronic devices, including cell phones and iPods, are allowed in school.

2.  Gum is not allowed at school (no exceptions).

3.  Food is only allowed in designated areas of school (The Commons area during
     lunch or in the classroom when a teacher gives permission).


Ronald Reagan Elementary School