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West Thespian Society Members

Become a Thespian Member

Join the ranks of Tom Hanks, Val Kilmer, James Marsters, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and more!

High School students at New Berlin West can become lifetime members of the International Thespian Society (ITS), the Educational Theatre Association’s student honorary organization, for a one-time fee of $50.

Middle School Students become Jr. Thespians for a fee of $10.  Jr. Thespians receive many of the same benefits as Hight School Thespians and attend meetings and events.

High School Thespians receive the Educational Theatre Association's publication, Dramatics, a monthly magazine that features new plays, practical articles on acting, directing, design, production, and profiles of working theatre professionals. A college resource center is provided, and there are regional and national events and discounts on Thespian store items.

West's Thespian members assist WestTAP directors and adult volunteers  in hosting events such as the Annual WestTAP Ovation Awards.


To join,  pay the dues on-line (here) and submit the completed form (see PDF Files below) to front office (attention WestPAC/Judith Smith), or bring to the next meeting or rehearsal.



Thespian Society
Form for joining High School Thespian Society
Thespian JR
Form for Thespian Jr

West Thespian Society's Earn Pin Point System

Acting Leading actor in a show 5
  Supporting actor in a show 4
  Ensemble in a show 3
  Auditioned 1
  Construction Crew (9+ times) 4
  Stage Manager  4
  Associate Manager 4
Crew PIT Crew 3
  Construction Crew Show (6-8 times) 3
  Running or Booth Crew 3
  Construction Crew Show (1-5 times) 2
Thespian Thespian Executive  4
Recruiter of other members 4
Thespian Member - High School 3
Thespian Member - JR 2
Supported House Management 2
Attended Thespian Promoted Events 2
Thespian Meetings  1
Awards Tommy Awards Nomination 5
Tommy Awards Win 5
Other Awards  5
Guild Parent Supporters (per show) 3
  Participant in Other Shows (WCT or different location - need playbill) 3
West Middle / High School