Name Title Email Phone
Affolter, Julia Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 ex:2203
Barczewski, Courtney Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 X2307
Bates, Ellen PE Teacher Email 262-789-6271
Becker, Rebecca Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2334
Berg, Jodi Office Assistant Email
Blanchet, Nicholas Third Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6500 x6876
Blaschke, Amy Student Learning Assistant Email (262) 789-6500
Boduch, Carrie Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x6863 voicemail #1
Bonnell, Cara Special Ed Teacher Email 262-789-6500
Braun, Jane Special Ed Assistant Email
Coyle, Jennifer Fourth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2534
Cruikshank, Courtney Special Ed Assistant Email
Culver, Jennifer Student Learning Assistant - ELL Email
DelGrosso, Christina Music Teacher Email
Eharoshe, Joan Student Learning Assistant Email (262) 789-6590 x2502
Fare, Amy Principal Email (262) 789-6505
Gawronski, Megan Fourth Grade Teacher Email
Grau, Mary Speech & Language Email (262) 789-6512
Hauswirth, Pamela Sixth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6500
Herrick, Kelly Special Ed Assistant Email
Hirthe, Sarah First Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6500
Hudson, Laura Fifth Grade Teacher Email
Jarecki, Melissa Sixth Grade Teacher Email 262-789-6590
Just, Haley Third Grade Teacher Email
Krellwitz, Stephanie Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Email
LaRosa, Jessica Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2608
Liban, Cindy Fifth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2773
Lueck, Larry Associate Principal Email (262) 789-6501
Mahaffy, Amber Special Education Assistant Email
Marschman, Susan Math Coach Email (262) 789-6590 x2003
Martin, Theresa Student Learning Assistant Email
Mayer, Erika Second Grade Teacher Email
McGavock, Bob Head Custodian Email (262) 789-6514
McVann, Laura Special Education Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2666
Menningen, Susan Student Learning Assistant Email
Minturn, Gina Math 7/8 Teacher Email
Mohr, Trae Physical Education Teacher Email
Neis, Patricia Student Learning Assistant Email
Olsen, Nada 5th Grade Teacher Email
Pratt, Gretchen Fourth Grade Teacher Email 414-789-6500
Reichardt, Tracy Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2032
Russell, Heidi First Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 X2504
Schmidling, Rebecca Student Learning Assistant Email
Stempniewski, Amy Literacy Coach Email (262)789-6581x2901
Stockinger, Lesley 6th Grade Teacher Email
Strzyzewski, Lindsay Special Education Assistant Email
Sutterfield, Allison First Grade Teacher Email
Teller, Michael Physical Therapist Email
Thering, Jacki Orchestra Teacher Email
Ulschmid, Nancy School Psychologist Email (262) 789-6513
VanHimbergen, Kathleen Third Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2820
Wasserman, Kris Band Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2646
Weber, Amy Art Teacher Email (262) 789-6500 x6874
Whitty, Mary Jane Student and Family Support Specialist Email (262) 789-6212
Will, Heather School Secretary Email (262) 789-6500
Willert, Tracy Occupational Therapist Email (262) 789-6590 x 2157
Wirsbinski, Lauren Special Ed Teacher Email
Woodard, Laura Special Ed Assistant Email
Wuerslin, Katie Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2025
Zellner, Laura Library Assistant Email (262) 789-6590 x2535