Name Title Email Phone
Aguilar, Heather Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 Ext: 2106 (Voicemail)
Ahles, Dan Tech Assistant Email (262) 789-6294
Altstadt, Steve English / Speech Teacher Email 262-789-6458
Ambrosio, Vincent Student Learning Assistant Email
Andler, Paul Special Education Assistant Email
Apple, Jain Special Ed Assistant Email
Aston, Caitlyn Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6560
Balczewski, Gretta Special Ed Assistant Email
Barbieri, Laura Literacy Coach Email
Braun, James Spanish Teacher Email (262) 789-6480
Braun, Samantha Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x6478
Brazelton, Lisa Special Ed Teacher Email
Broesch, Yvette Special Education Assistant Email
Burke, Nicole Admin Assistant - Communications Email 262-789-6414
Butalla, Heidi English Teacher Email
Cascio, Joseph Business & Marketing Teacher Email
Cervantes, John Head Groundskeeper Email
Chossek, Benjamin PE/Health Teacher Email 262-789-6590 ext 2048
Cincotta, Deborah Student Learning Assistant Email (262) 789-6456
Cooks, MariPat Math Teacher Email 262-789-6461
Counsell, Dan Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2084
Crain, Flannery Skills Engagement Teacher Email
Croal, Megan ELL Coordinator / Title 1 Teacher Email
DeKoch, Nicki Art Teacher / Content Coach Email (262) 789-6477
DeKoch, Ryan Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6460
DePagter, Alexandria Art Teacher Email
DePue, Greg Associate Principal Email (262) 789-6415
Detmer, Patrick Middle School Special Education Teacher Email (262) 789-6498
DiBella, Jacqueline TechKNOW Program Coordinator Email 262-789-6299
Dobson, Karen Spec Ed Assistant Email
Douglas-Wagner, Donna School Psychologist Email (262) 789-6396
DuVal, Lauren Speech & Language Pathologist Email 262-789-6434; direct voicemail: 262-789-6590 x2044
Dyke, Kevin Social Studies Teacher Email
Farina, Tom Security/Varsity Baseball Coach Email (262) 789-6483
Federmeyer, Dana Orchestra Teacher Email 262-789-6430
Fenner, Lamar Student Learning Assistant Email
Fesenmaier, Michael Principal Email (262) 789-6418
Fletcher, Kyle Band Teacher Email
Fure, Tammi School Counselor Email (262) 789-6428
Garland, Christopher Physical Education Teacher Email 262-789-6464
Gavin, Lori Associate Secretary - Student Services Email (262) 789-6424
Grabo, Jeff Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6459
Greben, Marcus Science Teacher Email 262-789-6400 ext. 8483
Grossmann, Jacob Student Learning Assistant Email
Grzesk, Christine Special Ed Teacher - Foundations Email
Gutierrez, Rolando Social Studies Teacher Email 262-789-6300
Hahn, Anna Athletic Trainer Email (262) 789-6468
Hart, Jennifer English Teacher Email
Hill, Trevor Special Ed Teacher Email
Hoffman, Jane Athletics and Activities Assistant and Building Scheduler Email (262) 789-6454
Homayounpour, Saghar Computer Science Teacher Email
Hudaj, Diane English Teacher Email (262) 789-6458
Hunt, Matthew College & Career Readiness Specialist Email 262-789-6471
Ibraheem, Douea Math Teacher Email
Jackson, Robert Science Teacher Email
Jayne, Samantha English Teacher Email (262)789-6400 x6590
Jensen, James Special Ed Teacher Email (262)789-6467
Johnson, LaSonja Social Worker Email
Johnston, Jason Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6459
Kabelowsky, Katie Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6459
Kader, Julie Associate Principal Email (262) 789-6416
Kautza, Kale PE/Health Teacher Email
Kennedy-Krohn, Donna Assistant to the Principal Email
Kircher, Lindsay English Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2141
Klug, Rebecca Art Teacher Email 262.789.8417
Knudson, Jessica Science Teacher Email
Ko, Jen-Li Chinese Teacher Email (262) 789-6300
Koski, BobbieJo Student Learning Assistant Email
Kowalski, Catherine English Teacher Email (262) 789-6458
Krack, Michael Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461
Krellwitz, Stephanie Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Email
Krzyzak, Karen Assistant PAC Manager Email (262) 789-6406
Ladwig, Michael Student Learning Assistant Email
Landry, Kate School Counselor Email (262) 789-6471
Lawton, Laura Middle School Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6479
Leigh, Daphne Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461
Lemon, Sarah Choir Director Email (262) 789-6441
Malone, Donna Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6498
Martin, Jeffrey Tech Ed Teacher Email
Mattox, Brandon Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6400 ex. 2059
McGeorge Smith, Judith WEST PAC Managing Artistic Director Email (262) 789-6406
McLaren, Dana Tech Ed Teacher Email
Minik, Timothy Student Learning Assistant / Softball Coach Email
Murdock, Steven PE Teacher Email (262) 789-6463
Napoli, Jordan Athletics and Activites Director Email (262) 789-6478
Nowacki, Cynthia Bookkeeper Email
Perreault, Becky English Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 X2101
Phillips, Noah School Resource Officer Email 262-789-6246
Reinhart, Lori Administrative Assistant Email
Rutter, Taylor Spanish Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 ext. 2065
Sanders, Robert Computer Support Email
Schmit, Christine Mathematics Teacher Email (Voicemail) 262-789-6461
Schneider, Shelley Tech Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6450
Schuler, Matthew Special Ed Teacher Email
Schultz, Becky Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461
Schwane, Erin Email
Seitz, Lori Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461
Shorer, Jeff Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 Ext. 2102
Slotty, Kerri Special Ed Assistant Email
Sparber, Sarah Spanish Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x8465