Name Title Email Phone
Affolter, Julia Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 ex:2203
Albert, Jessica Fifth grade teacher Email
Alexander, Staci Special Ed Teacher Email
Arnell, Julie Special Ed Assistant Email
Bergunde, Laura Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2846
Bernfeld, Darcy Fourth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6581
Breitenfeldt, Michelle Third Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2514
Brunner, Maria First Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2801
Case, Danny Custodian Email (262) 789-6594
Chapman, Andrea Math Coach and Talented and Gifted Liaison Email (262) 789-6581 *6744
Colden, Cindy Sixth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2696
Cooke, Nicole Administrative Assistant Email
Cunningham, Yvette School Secretary Email 262-789-6581
Feuling, Andrew Student Learning Assistant Email
Gearhart, Melanie PE Teacher Email
Green, Tracee Student Learning Assistant Email
Hoeffert, Jenna Third Grade Teacher Email
Hyland, Megan Sixth Grade Teacher Email
Ibar, Julie Art Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x6746
Janetzke, Benjamin Special Ed Assistant Email
Jeske, Katie Third Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2332
Karolek, Laurie Fourth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2793
Korom, Colleen Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2790
Krellwitz, Stephanie Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Email
Landry, Jennifer Recess Supervisor Email
Leech, Katie First Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2024
Mack, Anna Fifth grade teacher Email
Mantel, Kim First Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2318
Mariani, Jennah School Psychologist Email (262) 789-6238
Miller, Duane Student Learning Assistant Email
Miller, Rachon Literacy Coach Email (262) 789-6590 x6741
Minturn, Gina Math 7/8 Teacher Email
Mohr, Trae Physical Education Teacher Email
Morrell, Marie Kindergarten Teacher Email
Napieralski, Alison Special Ed Teacher Email 262-789-6590 (2333)
Nehm, Melissa Music Teacher Email
Oswald, Erica Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2326
Owens, Kelly Student Learning Assistant Email
Purse, Elizabeth Sixth Grade Teacher Email
Raap, Ashley Special Ed Assistant Email
Rado, Kelli Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6581
Ratz, Bryan Third Grade Teacher Email
Schettle, Joy Special Ed Teacher Email
Schultz, Jody Special Ed Assistant Email (262) 789-6590 x2497
Skaggs, Clare Speech-Language Pathologist Email
Slaby, Lindsey Fourth Grade teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2495
Slonac, Jim Fifth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2114
St. Martin, Ryan Special Ed Teacher Email
St. Pierre, Heather Third Grade Teacher Email
Stram, Cathi Speech and Language Pathologist Email (262) 789-6590 x 2923
Teller, Michael Physical Therapist Email
Thering, Jacki Orchestra Teacher Email
Veal, Jaime Associate Principal Email
Wasserman, Kris Band Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2646
Whitty, Mary Jane Student and Family Support Specialist Email (262) 789-6212
Wierl, Megan Sixth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2348
Willert, Tracy Occupational Therapist Email (262) 789-6590 x 2157
Williams, Katherine Principal Email (262) 789-6580
Yttre, Peggy Special Education Assistant Email (262) 789-6590 x2844
Zimmermann, Joanna Occupational Therapist Email
Zortman, Heather Student Learning Assistant Email