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Car Line AM / PM Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures

Our goal is to have efficient, safe procedures that all parents follow when dropping off or picking up their children at Elmwood. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. If you are dropping off children at the start of the school day or picking children up at the end of the school day, please use our car line. This minimizes traffic in the parking lot. If you need to come into the school at anytime, use the designated spaces in the parking lot; please do not park in the bus lane, or handicapped spaces unless you have a permit.

Name Card Signs:

If you regularly pick up your child after school, we will have a sign for your last name, child’s name and grade. This sign needs to be on the driver window of your car with the name facing out so that it is viewable to a staff member. Our intent is to make sure we know who is picking up our students. It will also help the car line move a little faster because we can see what families are up next in the “loading zone.” Please have the sign displayed in your window every time you pick up your child. If you pick up your child in the car line and do not have a sign, a staff member will ask for your child’s name.

Car Line:

Cars should enter the parking lot through the south gate (when looking at the school - the entrance on the right); the car line then winds behind the school and stops at the north corner. There is one line that forms for drop off and for pick up. The gates are unlocked starting at 8:15 a.m. and 3:10 p.m. The loading and unloading zone is at the north corner where the sidewalk ends. The loading zone is identified by painted lines on the blacktop. It is in between these lines that cars will stop and students will be getting out of cars. The goal is to keep the car line moving without students or adults going in between the cars. Please watch for the staff on duty. They may motion you to pull forward before letting your child out of the car.


For morning drop off, students can begin exiting cars at 8:20 a.m. Please do not let your child out of the car before 8:20, when staff supervision begins. We have buses arriving at that time, and we would like to make sure there is supervision for our students walking in. If your child needs to arrive before that time, they must have their teacher’s permission to come in the building or be attending a club or scout meeting.
Any child arriving after 8:35 must be signed in at the office by a parent or guardian. Any student not signed in by a parent/guardian will be marked with an Unexcused Tardy. 
For pick up at the end of the school day, students will exit the building to begin getting into cars at 3:25 p.m. within the student loading zones. Any student that is not picked up by the time the car line is finished will be brought to the office. Thank you for being on time and waiting in the car line for PM pick up. If you regularly pick up your child at the end of the day, please always have your parent name sign displayed in the driver’s window. This will help our staff call out the name of the child and to help with safety by knowing who is picking up each student. If your child needs to leave early near the end of the day and waiting in the car line is not possible, a parent or guardian must sign them out in the office.
Printable note to send to school re: drop-off/pick-up changes

Absences, arriving late, leaving early or going home a different way:

If your child will be absent or arriving late, please call and inform the office as soon as possible.
If your child will be picked up early due to an appointment or scheduled activity, send a note to school for their teacher.
E-mails to the office during the day are not as reliable as a phone call. Please take the time to call if a note is not sent. (262) 789-6581 Thank you! To avoid a loss of instructional time, your child will be called down to the office when you arrive.
If your child is going home on a different bus, or with a friend, or being picked up instead of taking the bus, send a note to school for their teacher.

Please make sure that the teacher/office is aware or any transportation changes. We do not want to send students home to an empty house when they should have been at a daycare, on another bus or picked up by a parent.

Our policy is that all students go home on the bus unless we are notified in writing that they will take an alternative method. If children are riding home on a bus other than their assigned bus, a note from the parent must be sent to the office and the child will be issued an orange “bus pass.” They will not be allowed on a different bus to a friend’s house without the orange note from the office.


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