Name Title Email Phone Web site
Affolter, Julia Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 ex:2203 Web site
Alwaissi, Denise Student Learning Assistant Email
Apollo, Erin Sixth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2248 Web site
Averkamp, Ashley Third Grade Teacher Email 262-789-6520 Ext:6625 Web site
Azzolina, Sherry Special Ed Assistant Email
Barczak, Todd Fifth Grade Teacher Email 262-789-6590 ext. 6642 Web site
Bauer, Benjamin PE Teacher, PE Content Specialist Email 262-789-6520 Web site
Baumann, Nancy First Grade Teacher Email Web site
Berger, Tammyann Special Ed Teacher Email Web site
Caudill, Alyssa Sixth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590, ext. 2239 Web site
Douglas-Wagner, Donna School Psychologist Email (262) 789-6396 Web site
Driscoll, Dynese First Grade Teacher Email 262-789-6590 Web site
Dutchin, Judy Student Learning Assistant Email (262) 789-6590 x2619
Eckart, James Student Learning Assistant Email
Feiker, Jens Fifth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2682 Web site
Franecki, Rick Custodian Email (262) 789-6531
Gorski, Lisa Speech & Language Email (262) 789-6395 Web site
Hagerty, Ryne PE Teacher Email (262) 789-6353 Web site
Heinen, Lindsay Second Grade Teacher Email Web site
Hrenak, Todd School Psychologist Email 262-789-6550 x2198 Web site
Hurab, Ashley Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2254 Web site
Jacobson, Jody Special Ed Teacher Email Web site
Jahr, Tanya Physical Therapist Email Web site
Jansen, Tracy Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2237 Web site
Jares, Anita Student Learning Assistant Email
Kartes, Amanda Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2344 Web site
Knepprath, Paula Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 (VM 2639) Web site
Krellwitz, Stephanie Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Email Web site
Kuenstler, Kris Math Coach Email 262-789-6537 Web site
Lesniak, Franceszka Fourth Grade Teacher Email Web site
Madhusudan, Rajeshwari Student Learning Assistant Email
Moore, Debra Associate Principal Email (262) 789-6525 Web site
Morici, Katie Special Education Teacher Email 262-789-6520 x6650 Web site
Neitzel, Nicole Special Ed Assistant Email
Nowak, Megan Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2687 Web site
Pauley, Aaron Fourth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2308 Web site
Peters, Sandy First Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6520 x2116 Web site
Pinter, Ann Student Learning Assistant Email
Pratt, Nickolas Fourth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2249 Web site
Protz, Wendy Music Teacher Email 414-789-6520 x2259 Web site
Reinders, Christine Literacy Coach Email 262-789-6590 Web site
Rodriguez, Shari Administrative Assistant Email (262)789-6520
Scaife, Susan Special Ed Assistant Email
Schumaker, Jacqueline Fifth Grade Teacher Email 262.789.6590 Ext. 2263 Web site
Seely, Kyra Art Teacher Email 262-789-6590 x6624 Web site
Smith, Kelly Third Grade Teacher Email Web site
Spitz, Thomas Orchestra Instructor Email Web site
Stempniewski, Matt Principal Email (262) 789-6528 Web site
Teel, Ashley Library Assistant Email
Thurner, Peggy Student Learning Assistant Email
Traber, Kathryn Sixth Grade Teacher Email (262)-789-6590 ext. 2234 Web site
Wasserman, Kris Band Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2646 Web site
Whitty, Mary Jane Student and Family Support Specialist Email (262) 789-6212 Web site
Wilson, Rebecca Third Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6520 Web site