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Parent AM Drop Off  8:25 - 8:35 AM

Students cannot be dropped off before 8:15 AM as there is no supervision available before that time.

Parents who drop off in the morning turn right upon entering the school lot, drive along the east side of the parking lot, and unload students in the extended loading zone in front of the school.   All parents dropping off must pull ahead to the furthest available spot at the curb so that as many cars as possible are able to drop off at the same time. Parents must remain in their car while students exit curb side only.  If a student requires assistance getting out of the vehicle, parents must park in a designated parking spot and walk their children to the entrance.

After dropping off, parents will be aware of students and adults within the area, as well as other cars leaving the curb, before they turn left down any of the designated parking lanes to exit school grounds.

Parents must watch for and follow all directions given by staff supervisors assisting during drop off.

Pick up - 3:35 PM

All parents will park in a designated parking spot, enter the building, and sign students out in the office before meeting their student in the Commons area. 

Parents who arrive for pick up before 3:15 PM are required to sign in as a visitor in addition to signing out their student.

Phone calls and email notifications regarding a change in student end of day transportation to parent pick up are to be made to the school office by 10:00 AM.

Ronald Reagan Elementary School