Name Title Email Phone Web site
Aguilar, Heather Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461 Web site
Ahles, Dan Tech Assistant Email (262) 789-6294
Altstadt, Steve English / Speech Teacher Email 262-789-6458 Web site
Ambrosio, Vincent Student Learning Assistant Email
Apple, Jain Special Ed Assistant Email
Aston, Caitlyn Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6560 Web site
Balczewski, Gretta Special Ed Assistant Email
Barbieri, Laura Literacy Coach Email Web site
Braun, James Spanish Teacher Email (262) 789-6480 Web site
Braun, Samantha Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x6478 Web site
Brazelton, Lisa Special Ed Teacher Email Web site
Burke, Nicole Admin Assistant - Communications Email 262-789-6414
Cascio, Joseph Business & Marketing Teacher Email Web site
Cervantes, John Head Groundskeeper Email
Chossek, Benjamin PE/Health Teacher Email Web site
Cincotta, Deborah Student Learning Assistant Email (262) 789-6456
Cooks, MariPat Math Teacher Email 262-789-6461 Web site
Counsell, Dan Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2084 Web site
Croal, Megan ELL Coordinator / Title 1 Teacher Email Web site
DeKoch, Nicki Art Teacher / Content Coach Email (262) 789-6477 Web site
DeKoch, Ryan Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6460 Web site
DePue, Greg Associate Principal Email (262) 789-6415 Web site
Detmer, Patrick Middle School Special Education Teacher Email (262) 789-6498 Web site
DiBella, Jacqueline Tech Support Email
Dobson, Karen Spec Ed Assistant Email
Douglas-Wagner, Donna School Psychologist Email (262) 789-6396 Web site
DuVal, Lauren Speech & Language Pathologist Email 262-789-6434; direct voicemail: 262-789-6590 x2044 Web site
Dyke, Kevin Social Studies Teacher Email Web site
Farina, Tom Security/Varsity Baseball Coach Email (262) 789-6483
Federmeyer, Dana Orchestra Teacher Email 262-789-6430 Web site
Fenner, Lamar Student Learning Assistant Email
Fesenmaier, Michael Principal Email (262) 789-6418 Web site
Fletcher, Kyle Band Teacher Email Web site
Fure, Tammi School Counselor Email (262) 789-6428 Web site
Garland, Christopher Physical Education Teacher Email 262-789-6464 Web site
Gavin, Lori Associate Secretary - Student Services Email (262) 789-6424
Grabo, Jeff Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6459 Web site
Greben, Marcus Science Teacher Email 262-789-6400 ext. 8483 Web site
Grzesk, Christine Special Ed Teacher - Foundations Email Web site
Hahn, Anna Athletic Trainer Email (262) 789-6468
Hart, Jennifer English Teacher Email 262-789-6400 Web site
Heft, Ryan Social Studies Teacher Email Web site
Hill, Trevor Special Ed Teacher Email Web site
Hoffman, Jane Athletics and Activities Assistant and Building Scheduler Email (262) 789-6454 Web site
Homayounpour, Saghar Computer Science Teacher Email Phone: (262) 789-6461 ext. 8422 Web site
Hudaj, Diane English Teacher Email (262) 789-6458 Web site
Hultquist, Erik Head Custodian Email (262) 789-6444
Hunt, Matthew School Counselor Email 262-789-6471 Web site
Ibraheem, Douea Math Teacher Email Web site
Jahr, Tanya Physical Therapist Email Web site
Jayne, Samantha English Teacher Email (262)789-6400 x6458 Web site
Jensen, James Special Ed Teacher Email (262)789-6467 Web site
Johnson, Tammy Special Ed Assistant Email
Johnston, Jason Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6459 Web site
Kabelowsky, Katie Social Studies Teacher Email (262) 789-6459 Web site
Kader, Julie Associate Principal Email (262) 789-6416 Web site
Kautza, Kale PE/Health Teacher Email Web site
Kennedy-Krohn, Donna Assistant to the Principal Email
Kircher, Lindsay English Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2141 Web site
Kluck, Mandy School Counselor Email (262) 789-6407 Web site
Klug, Rebecca Art Teacher Email 262.789.2056 Web site
Knuth, Timothy CEIS Interventionist Email Web site
Ko, Jen-Li Chinese Teacher Email (262) 789-6300 Web site
Koski, BobbieJo Student Learning Assistant Email
Kowalski, Catherine English Teacher Email (262) 789-6458 Web site
Krack, Michael Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461 Web site
Krellwitz, Stephanie Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Email Web site
Krzyzak, Karen Assistant PAC Manager Email (262) 789-6406
Ladwig, Michael Student Learning Assistant Email
Lawton, Laura Middle School Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6479 Web site
Leigh, Daphne Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461 Web site
Lemon, Sarah Choir Director Email (262) 789-6441 Web site
Malone, Donna Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6498 Web site
Martin, Jeffrey Tech Ed Teacher Email Web site
Mattox, Brandon Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6400 ex. 2059 Web site
McGeorge Smith, Judith WEST PAC Managing Artistic Director Email (262) 789-6406
McKinnon, Dana Tech Ed Teacher Email Web site
Minik, Timothy Student Learning Assistant / Softball Coach Email
Murdock, Steven PE Teacher Email (262) 789-6463 Web site
Napoli, Jordan Athletics and Activites Director Email (262) 789-6478 Web site
Nowacki, Cynthia Bookkeeper Email
Perreault, Becky English Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 Web site
Phillips, Noah School Resource Officer Email
Reinhart, Lori Administrative Assistant Email
Rutter, Taylor Spanish Teacher Email (262) 789?6590 ext. 2065 Web site
Sanders, Robert Computer Support Email
Schmit, Christine Mathematics Teacher Email (Voicemail) 262-789-6590 x2312 Web site
Schneider, Shelley Tech Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6450 Web site
Schuler, Matthew Special Ed Teacher Email Web site
Schultz, Becky Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461 Web site
Schwane, Erin English Teacher Email (262) 789-6458 Web site
Seitz, Lori Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6461 Web site
Shorer, Jeff Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 Ext. 2102 Web site
Slotty, Kerri Special Ed Assistant Email
Starrett, Jill Email Web site
Stewart, Katie Special Ed Assistant Email
Thompson, Nicole Spanish Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x 2068 Web site
Trudell, William Tech Ed Teacher / Content Coach Email (262) 789-6445 Web site
Uhen, Barb Library Media Specialist Email (262) 789-6456 Web site
Upton, Amanda English Teacher Email Web site