The New Berlin West Student Services Department believes that all persons should be accepted into the educational program as they are.  We believe they should be provided with a stimulating environment and an appropriate opportunity for learning experiences.  We believe these experiences should be designed to promote academic, social and emotional, career and vocational development that will affect a satisfactory adjustment to life and society.


 Mandy Kluck    Students A-He, all grades       (262) 789-6407
School Counselor  email               website

Matthew Hunt   Students Hf-P, all grades         (262) 789-6471      
School Counselor      email               website       


Tammi Fure       Students Q-Z, all grades           (262) 789-6428     
School Counselor       email              website

Donna Wagner      (262) 789-6396
School Psychologist                   email


Lori Gavin             (262) 789-6424             
Student Services Associate Secretary       email





West Middle / High School