Name Title Email Phone Web site
Affolter, Julia Deaf and Hard of Hearing Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 ex:2203 Web site
Aguilar, Heather Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 Ext: 2106 (Voicemail) Web site
Ahles, Dan Tech Assistant Email (262) 789-6294
Albert, Jessica Fifth grade teacher Email Web site
Alexander, Staci Special Ed Teacher Email Web site
Allerheilgen, Valerie Email
Altstadt, Steve English / Speech Teacher Email 262-789-6458 Web site
Alwaissi, Denise Student Learning Assistant Email
Ambrosio, Vincent Student Learning Assistant Email
Andler, Paul Special Education Assistant Email
Andrus, Denise Special Ed Assistant Email
Annoye, Jesse School Counselor Email (262) 789-6338 Web site
Apollo, Erin Sixth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2248 Web site
Apple, Jain Special Ed Assistant Email
Arnell, Julie Special Ed Assistant Email
Arts, Alisa Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2706 Web site
Aston, Caitlyn Science Teacher Email (262) 789-6560 Web site
Averkamp, Ashley Third Grade Teacher Email 262-789-6520 Ext:6625 Web site
Baertschy, Natalie Choir Director Email (262) 789-6590 x6326 Web site
Balczewski, Gretta Special Ed Assistant Email
Baltz, Theresa Fifth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2303 Web site
Barber, Emily Third Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2219 Web site
Barbieri, Laura Literacy Coach Email Web site
Barczak, Todd Fifth Grade Teacher Email 262-789-6590 ext. 6642 Web site
Barczewski, Courtney Special Ed Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 X2307 Web site
Basse, Amy Special Ed Teacher - EC Email Web site
Bast, Lisa Special Ed Assistant Email
Bates, Ellen PE Teacher Email 262-789-6271 Web site
Bauer, Alyssa Math Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x3002 Web site
Bauer, Benjamin PE Teacher, PE Content Specialist Email 262-789-6520 Web site
Baumann, Nancy First Grade Teacher Email Web site
Bayley, Chris Resource Officer Email
Becker, Rebecca Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2334 Web site
Beckert, Ed English Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2166 Web site
Berg, Jodi Office Assistant Email
Berg, Kathryn 3rd Grade Teacher Email Web site
Berg, Terry Elementary Art Teacher Email (262) 789-6550 x6152 Web site
Berger, Tammyann Special Ed Teacher Email Web site
Bergunde, Laura Kindergarten Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x2846 Web site
Bernfeld, Darcy Fourth Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6581 Web site
Bisswurm, Nicholas Physical Education Teacher Email Web site
Bjerk, Stacey Special Ed Assistant Email
Blanchet, Nicholas Third Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6500 x6876 Web site
Blaschke, Amy Student Learning Assistant Email (262) 789-6500
Boduch, Carrie Second Grade Teacher Email (262) 789-6590 x6863 voicemail #1 Web site
Bolger, Andrew Technology Support Specialist Email 262-789-6291
Bonnell, Cara Special Ed Teacher Email 262-789-6500 Web site
Borkowski, Katie Student Learning Assistant Email
Bosetski, Adam Spanish Teacher Email Web site
Bradley, Dauri Shuttle Driver Email (262) 309-5199