All students will graduate “College and Career Ready” which means they will:

  • Understand how their unique strengths and interests align to a wide variety of future opportunities.
  • Prepare and maintain a personal plan for goal attainment that provides flexibility based on individual experiences.
  • Develop a general understanding of how the problem-solving process has been applied to innovate, invent, design, and build products and systems in a variety of environments/industries.
  • Effectively be able to navigate both the world of higher education and employment to support a transition to adulthood.
  • Possess confidence in their level of mastery of the following in relation to their personal and career goals:


  • Core subject areas
  • Global, civic, environmental, financial, health, media literacy
  • Career
  • Technical


  • Productive self-concept
  • Effective self- management
  • Effective organizational and social behavior
  • Growth mindset (creativity, innovation, perseverance)
  • Values life-long learning


  • Academic
  • Critical thinking, problem solving
  • Proper access, analysis and application of information
  • Proficient use of technology
  • Ability to collaborate and effectively communicate
  • Technical

We Support the Vision of our Graduate by:

  • Providing developmentally appropriate opportunities to learn and demonstrate required/ desired knowledge, skills and dispositions
  • Guiding all students through the academic and career planning process
  • Supporting students as they strive to master required and desired coursework
  • Encouraging active engagement in extra-curricular activities and career/service learning programs
  • Collaborating with partners to provide exposure to a wide range of industries and careers
  • Aligning curriculum to a variety of post-secondary opportunities.


School District of New Berlin