Special Education Referral Form

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Special Education Programs

Early Childhood  
Significant Disabilities 18-21 Transition Program (Pathways)


Special Education Services

Deaf & Hard of Hearing

Home Bound Instruction

Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy
School Psychology Speech & Language


Special Education Policies and Procedures

Special Ed Policy
Special Ed Procedure
Independent Education Evaluation Policy 6190.1
Independent Education Evaluation Procedures
Section 504 Overview Policy 6192
Section 504 Overview Procedures

Special Education Notices

Notice of Special Needs Scholarship Program for 2016-17
Notice to Parents and Individuals Regarding Special Education Referrals
Notice of Child Find Activity
Wisconsin Special Education Mediation System
Wisconsin Alternate Assessment
Student/Parent Pre-Test Information for Wisconsin Alternate Assessment for Students with Disabilities
Special Education Rights
Special Education Rights for Parents and Children
Updated Jan 2009
Updated Jan 2009
Updated Jan 2009
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