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2014-15 Parent Letter about CompassLearning Odyssey

With our goal to continuously increase student performance, the School District of New Berlin offers all students an online resource – CompassLearning Odyssey – that helps them grow their skills in reading and math. This resource provides instruction through engaging lessons geared to the level each student needs.

How to access the CompassLearning website:

Odyssey login address:

User name: ___________ (student’s network login ID) 

Student network login ID is the first letter of their first name and the first letter of their last name, followed by their 4 digit lunch number (ex: AA1111).  Parents: you can find student network login IDs by going to the Infinite Campus portal and choosing your student. On the left side is a link called Tech Permissions. Click that link and the network id will appear. (The new lunch pin is the 4 digits in the network id.)

Password  Grades 7-12: student12345

Passwork Grades K-6: abc123

School: New Berlin 

CompassLearning Odyssey can be accessed at school or at home. It is available on your personal computer, tablet, android phone, iPhone, or a computer at the public library. (If using a phone, please make sure you are aware of the limits of your data plan.) 

Many students throughout the district have been using CompassLearning since February 2013 through links on classroom webpages. We encourage students to log in several times a week to grow their skills. Students are encouraged to commit time to both reading and mathematics. We appreciate parents working in partnership with teachers by having conversations with your child after their CompassLearning sessions about what they are learning and progress.

Students in grades Kindergarten through 10 who take the MAP assessment will have a “backpack or briefcase” of activities tailored to their individual learning needs. Students in grades 11 and 12 may have activities loaded based on the courses they are taking (they may contact their teacher for more information.)

Workstation Setup (if the website isn’t working on your computer):

You will need to verify that all minimum software requirements are met. A requirements list is available by clicking the System Requirements button on the Compass Learning Odyssey home page below the student log-in field.

Support Information:

For additional assistance in logging into or setting up your systems, refer to our Support page at or contact your school technical personnel. You may also contact CompassLearning Customer Support at

Click here for a guide that provides an example of the login screen and an elementary school child’s “backpack.” Open the backpack to see a record of the activities and quizzes your child has completed. (Middle and high school students have "briefcases.")

For GROWTH, we recommend at least 3 sessions per week. More is BETTER! Happy Learning for all!


School District of New Berlin