The School District of New Berlin divides land within the city into areas for each elementary school and each secondary school. Eisenhower Middle/High School services the more populated southeastern section of the city, while New Berlin West Middle/High School provides service to the rest of the city. All divisions are based on population density.

The elementary boundary areas are color coded as follows:

  • Ronald Reagan - Tan
  • Elmwood - Yellow
  • Orchard Lane - Pink
  • Poplar Creek - Blue

The secondary boundary areas are outlined in a color as follows:

  • NB West - Blue
  • Eisenhower - Red

School District Boundary Map

If the address you are looking for is on the border, please contact the district office at (262) 789-6200 to verify which school it belongs to. In some cases, we need to contact the bus company to determine this.  You will need to zoom in on the map to read the street names on the map and the street index at the bottom of the map.

PLEASE NOTE:  Portions of school districts other than the School District of New Berlin lie within the New Berlin city limits.  Residents within these areas cannot arbitrarily choose which district their child(ren) will attend, but rather must apply via Open Enrollment to be considered for enrollment in the School District of New Berlin.

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer to view the map.  Use the zoom buttons to see the map detail more clearly.

School District of New Berlin