At a recent school board meeting Policy 4107, “Criminal History Record Check” was approved. The intent of this policy is to assure the safety of all of our students by conducting a background check on all employees and volunteers who supervise or are responsible for working with our students before, during and after school. For example, this would include parent volunteers working within the classroom setting and chaperoning field trips as well as any volunteer working with our students in a school sponsored co-curricular activity or sport.

We ask that you understand that we are in the beginning stages of the implementation of this policy. We will conduct background checks in a timely manner and with the utmost respect for confidentiality. Please know how much your volunteer time and efforts are appreciated. Your support has a direct impact on the success of our students and the opportunities we are able to offer. At this time it has not yet been determined when rechecks will be done.
School District of New Berlin