SDNB Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning Process

Professional Learning Framework

Mission:  Why?  Fundamental purpose.  Sharpens focus.

Vision:  What?  Compelling future.  Gives direction.

Values:  How?  Collective commitments.  Guides behavior.

Goals:  What steps?  Targets and timelines.  Establishes priorities.


District Mission:

To empower, inspire and support students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and dispositions to establish goals for their future and develop plans to achieve them.

District Vision: 

The School District of New Berlin will prepare all students to succeed in a diverse, change-oriented, global society by fostering a learning environment in which our public schools, families, post-secondary partners, public officials, businesses, community organizations and other citizens work collaboratively.

District Values: 

  • Excellent educators inspire excellence in students.
  • All decisions should be based on the best interest of our students in preparation for their success in college, career and future opportunities.
  • All students are capable of meeting high academic, technical and behavioral expectations.
  • Students are most engaged when their learning is personalized and supported in a caring environment.
  • Working collaboratively to meet the individual needs of students will positively impact the quality of our future workforce.
  • Input and active engagement from our local/regional/state community improves the quality of our schools.
  • Effective communication with internal and external stakeholders is essential to our collective success.
  • Monitoring progress through measurable indicators ensures we are on track to meet stated objectives.
  • Fostering a climate of entrepreneurial thinking, deliberate change and continuous improvement inspires innovative thinking.


The School District of New Berlin’s Strategic Goals define what we are aspiring to accomplish.  These goals are further defined by long-term initiatives and short-term projects that are structured to move the organization forward in attainment of those goals.

Strategic Goals

Strategic Goals graphic for School District of New Berlin
School District of New Berlin