These resources are designed to give parents information on digital safety, including cyberbullying.  

Internet Safety Basics
Cyberbullying: What Parents Should Know
Checklist for Cyber-communications
Wealth of resources for parents and students
Social Networking
Social Media Tips
How to use Facebook
Yik Yak via Cyberbullying Research Center
Act Now! via Children's Hospital of WI
Great parents site that addresses bullying. Click on the video titled, "How do I protect my teen from cyberbullying?"

Here are Some Tips for Parents and Students:

  • Limit usage. Permit your kids to have set free time online. After that, the computer is used only for homework.
  • Keep kids and the computer in sight. Have the computer centrally located so you can see what your kids are doing.
  • Do your own homework. Check the browser history, and use security tools and privacy features.
  • Know whom your child talks to online. Enough said.
  • Never exchange personal information. Remind your kids to never share phone numbers, addresses, a best friend's name or picture.
  • Set a code of conduct. Help your kids understand what is considered suitable language, content and behavior.
  • Discuss content. Kids should think carefully about the content they read, checking facts from multiple sources.
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