Student safety is our school district's #1 priority.

The following preventative measures and safety protocols are in place during school hours:

  • Exterior doors are locked after students arrive each morning at all schools
  • Access for visitors and late-arriving students is permitted only through the main entrance, where school personnel must buzz/sign them in
  • Visitors must wear identification
  • School Resource Officers are on-site at New Berlin Eisenhower and West
  • Background checks are conducted for all school volunteers 

Please understand that some details of our plans cannot be shared publicly for obvious reasons. If you have questions about your school’s safety plan, please contact your school principal.

Our best line of defense in any situation is our people. Our staff is highly dedicated and fully aware of the responsibility they are entrusted with. They are trained to be prepared for emergencies, with school district and community resources supporting them.  As always, please join with us in ensuring safety in our community – we all need to work together.

School District of New Berlin