Junior Achievement (JA) BizTown – 5th Grade

The School District of New Berlin piloted the JA BizTown® curriculum and town visit in 2013-14 with Elmwood Elementary School 5th grade students. In 2014-15, the district expanded BizTown® to 5th graders at all four SDNB elementary schools, thanks to the help of a grant from Kohls Cares Field Trip grant program.

The Junior Achievement of Wisconsin's BizTown® program combines classroom lessons with a daylong visit to an interactive, simulated town with a City Hall, restaurant, newspaper, radio station, banks, retail stores, utility companies and other businesses.

The classroom lessons introduce topics that include entrepreneurship; goods and services; producers and consumers; supply and demand; opportunity costs; taxes; spending and saving; banking concepts; writing a resume; applying for jobs and creating a business plan. The curriculum provides students a foundation for their understanding of financial literacy at a time when many students are transitioning from asking a parent to purchase things to having some personal financial responsibility.

Students apply, interview and are hired for jobs to perform at BizTown®. During the daylong visit, students serve as workers, producers and consumers, run businesses, do banking, earn paychecks, serve as mayor, vote and much more. The interactive exercise bridges understanding between what they learned in the classroom and their participation in the local economy.

BizTown Visits in 2016

First BizTown Visit in 2014

More than a dozen businesses, banks and City Hall are located in JA BizTown. The facility, sponsored by Junior Achievement of Wisconsin and Kohl's, provides fifth- and sixth-grade students from the Milwaukee area the chance to run the town for a day.

Students apply, interview and are hired for jobs at BizTown.

The Mayor of BizTown performs various executive duties.

Construction workers try a simulated computer experience.

Students wear business tags with their job titles.

JA BizTown Mayor Helen (center, white shirt) announces business awards and thanks volunteers.

A Chase Bank teller at JA BizTown prepares a customer's deposit.

Workers fill out their paycheck deposit slips.

Every fifth-grader learns how to fill out a checkbook register with deposits and withdrawals.

The Press! JA BizTown includes a radio station and newspaper.

Wrap-up of the day's activities

Students vote at City Hall throughout the day at BizTown.

Acting as CFO of Culver's restaurant in JA BizTown, this student prepares paychecks for his employees.

School District of New Berlin