What is a permanent record?

A permanent record is maintained on each student. The record carries the student's full legal name, date of birth, dates of enrollment/withdrawal/graduation, courses taken, final grades received, yearly/cumulative GPA, rank in class and test results.

What is a transcript and how is it used?

A transcript is a copy of a student's permanent record and is used for post-secondary school/job/apprenticeship/scholarship applications, military enlistment, pre-trial/security clearance investigations, etc.

What is an official transcript vs. unofficial transcript?

An official transcript carries the school seal and a school official’s signature and is sent directly to another institutions/organization via the mail. Official transcripts are not faxed. This procedure is followed to assure authenticity.

An unofficial transcript does not carry the school seal or a school official's signature. An authenticity of an unofficial transcript cannot be guaranteed.

What is the process for requesting a transcript?

For a transcript to be released, a student (or parents, if the student is a minor) must request that the transcript be sent. A standard form can be found in the Student Services/Guidance Department or downloaded from the Student Services web page and e-mailed to the department.

Is there a fee for sending a transcript?

There is no fee for current seniors and seniors who graduated in the previous year. There is, however, a $10 fee for all others.

How long will the processing take?

If your transcript request also involves an application, letters of recommendation/secondary school form, please submit your transcript request at least 7-10 working days in advance. If your request is just for a transcript, 48 hours should be sufficient.

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